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here is a simple one

when jesus took his dwhen jesus was reserected from the dead who was it that put theyre hand in the side of jesus where he was pierced.
hi how are you.

i am sunilgill from pakistan.i want to make u my friend.:wilted_ro please reply this and tell me about oyr relgion
Sunilgill...Welcome. Please go into the section for New members and introduce yourself. There are various sections to ask questions about Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.
Jesus offered to Thomas that he could touch his wounds, but the Bible doesn't say that Thomas actually did it. I think when Thomas finally saw Jesus he realised that the person standing before him was the risen Lord, because what the Bible does say is that Thomas said "my Lord and my God!" A lot of people criticize Thomas, but it is good to be sure about important matters of faith. I think Thomas wanted to be sure.
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Good point, Peter also gets an unfair tag for taking his eyes off Jesus and falling to the water. He was the only one with the faith to get out of the boat.