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Her. . .She Needs Help. . .

The same friend I've asked repeatedly for you guys to pray for needs major prayer. She's been put on pills for depression. First they put her on Zoloft and now Prozac. Tomorrow (today actually) she has to go to the doctor to see if they're working. They haven't really done anything but made her life worse. She's got a psychologist who doesn't have a clue about teenagers and keeps saying that she is sexually active with an imaginary boyfriend. They're doing all that just to get her to stop cutting. She is having a hard time not cutting and they just don't understand her at all. I think she still has scars from cuts from not too long ago and they might see them and see that the pills aren't working. If the pills haven't been working and she's still cutting then they might put her in a hospital. A mental hospital! I'm very worried for her and tempted now more than ever to jump on a plane and fly over there and kidnap her or something. She needs prayer now more than ever. I'm just. . .scared to death for her. Please, pray hard for her. Not like anyone will read this. Chad, I know you'll do it. Thanks. God bless.

Staff Member
I will pray for her brother. Don't you worry. God is there besides us all :)