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Helps in Overcoming Depression

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Hi. This is Dreamer. I post here at talk Jesus quite a bit. I also suffer from depression. It is genetically-based (from both of my parents), and I have been taking medication for it for 10 years now. Sometimes I am not depressed at all and function normally. I dread depressions, because I can feel them coming on. I am in one right now.

What helps the most? God's Word inspires and instructs. It's priceless to have something to read and meditate upon that is all Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Fellowship with other christians.

Encouraging others.

Getting exercise.

Being thankful and staying in prayer.

Does anyone else out there battle depression? Just wondering. Maybe we could give each other some support here at talkJesus.
Hi Dreamer,

I too have suffered from clinical depression for 20 years, and take medication. I know exactly what you are talking about, that feeling of it coming on. Most of the time I'm fine too, but it's horrible when it does get a hold. That was all good stuff you mentioned to do - I've just one more to add. Listen to Christian music - even if you don't feel like it put it on in the background. It gets through to your spirit.

I agree it would be good to support each other here at Talk Jesus. Only someone who has been there knows what it is like trying to cope. For me asking for prayer at the earliest opportunity is vital. If I wake up the next day and still feel it I ask for more prayer. I praise God for Talk Jesus sister, because friends here have prayed for me and chased off the depression. If anyone sees a prayer request here for someone with depression - it is vital to pray. It often takes courage and energy to ask for that help, and by the time we get round to asking all energy has gone. Once it gets a grip it's so hard to shake off. That's why I say sister ask for prayer at the earliest you can.

One verse that helps me is Nehemiah 8:10 "Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” I change it to "I will not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is my strength", in fact I keep repeating that out loud and it does help.

I'm praying for you now sister, feel free to contact me at any time. :love:
I also suffer from depression.. from time to time. I agree with sister sunshine about the music being on.. Also if you have a way to listen to some good preachin' on the computer or at local churches it helps.

I am here for you if you ever want to talk !
Hello dear Friends,

Thank you Dreamer for this post and what you have said that helps depression is right on. Including listening to Christian music - thanks Sunshine.

I too suffered with depression and still take meds to help me to cope. What I found that helped me even more (and this happen recently) is trying not to control people and situations. I know sounds weird but it is true. I took too much upon myself not TRUSTING GOD in all circumstances with work, my ex-husband and my children. But mostly it was my children.

Instead of placing my trust in my Heavenly Father - I fought it. Letting go and let God is another option to help depression - with me any way. God bless.

I can relate to all of you. I have cronic anxiety and clinical depreesion. Its hard at times and sometimes I can not even be in a room with alot of people or in a store thats crowded. My mother 2 of my sisters , my daughter and my nehew who is now dead all had this same thing. I finaly found after years of searching a doctor who not only treat with meds. , but is a christian and he actualy quotes scripture and gives you verses to read. I had begun to think that I was not good enough of a person and thats why I was getting worse. I now know its not that. Theres a verse in the Bible that says ..... Heal me God and I shall be healed , save me and I shall be saved for thow art my praise. I say that everyday and pray it every night. I feel better some days , then there are days I feel less then good , but the horrible anxiety attacks have gotten alot better, thanks to God.
Each one of you are right in what you say. You've all "been there". I really appreciate your courage in being honest and posting here. It takes courage to admit depression. I really have read these posts over and over. I am glad to know that I'm not alone in this.
I am sorry Dreamer, if I may have seem insensitive to your situation and I apologize. I really care for you and love you. I just wanted to help and be of encouragement,.

I also have bouts of depression on and off for years ever since teenager. I have had the counselling and meds, they helped and I am off them now, I take natural herbal supplement now. All the suggestions here are definitely helpful, listening to uplifting music is great. I avoid negative stuff on tv, like soap operas, bad news, depressing programmes, movies etc. They don't help one bit!!

Change in diet can help, keeping sugar and starchy foods down.

And more than anything like Snowrose said, the more I let go of situations that I can't change anyhow, I just give it the Lord, it really helps me. If I didn't I think I would go loopy.

I pray Dreamer that you will be released from under this cloud and the feeling of heaviness will leave, and joy and peace of the Lord will fill your heart once again.

:love: Calluna
Can Relate!

Being not able to work for 6 1\2 years
and hurting bad most of the time, Yeah!

I can relate! I worked as a journeyman
printer for 18 years and then sold and
demonstrated all types of guitars in a
Christian guiter shop for 5 years. The
Lord has blessed me with many talents!

No doors have opened as yet!

I once was a minister, preacher of God's
Word and and 'preached' in many churches
and gatherings, it was awesome!

Depression can be food related, chemical
imbalance or due to situations in our lives
changing. Mine is " I can't work anymore
to help my wife and son financially!"

For a verile man such as I, that is a real
'BUMMER'!! Or for any man or woman
for that matter

The 'enemy' has come to me many times
and spoken in my ear as I lay in bed in
sometimes in 'extreme' pain.

" Why don't you just do it? Kill yourself
and get out of 'all' of this pain you are
going through! "

Can anyone relate to this? I have to 'fast'
and 'pray' HARD, to stay strong, keep it
together and hold on to the 'Peace and
Joy of the Lord!!!

The Lord recently had me reading and
meditating on these scriptures:

Jer. 29:11: For I know the thoughts that
I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to
give you an expected end.

1Peter 1:7: That the trial of your faith,
being much more precious than of gold
that perisheth, though it be tried with
fire, might be found unto praise and
honour and glory at the appearing of
Jesus Christ:

1Peter 4:1: Forasmuch then as Christ
hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm
yourselves likewise with the same
mind: for he that hath suffered in the
flesh hath ceased from sin;

1Peter 4:2: That he no longer should
live the rest of his time in the flesh to
the lusts of men,but to the will of God.

"Heavenly Father your children are
hurting in their hearts, minds and
bodies. Please send your sweet
Presence and cast out the the
'enemy's' whispers of despair and
dicouragement. Replace them Lord
with your 'calm' assurance that 'You'
the 'I AM, THE I AM' is in their situation
causing good and 'Peace' to come upon
them. Thank you Lord that your ear is
always attentive and listening to our
prayers ." In the Mighty Name of Jesus.
Amen and Amen!

God Bless you all!

Your brother in Christ,

Amen Set Free, and God Bless you. I can relate, excruciating pain to the extent I wanted to end it all, yes!

Circumstances beyond my control totally changed my life. 15 years ago I was a very active virile woman early twenties, I was always doing something, I had a 6 month old baby and 5yr old son.
Only married for about 18 months. Boom! I got some horrible virus it attacked my body, I got really sick, I was in so much pain, my husband had to carry me up the stairs. Whatever happened I do not know.
I now have rheumatoid arthritis, which may have been triggered by the virus. Who knows. I am in pain daily. I have been on every medication imaginable to try and slow this disease down, the doctors said I had a very 'stubborn' case. I have sought alternative medicine from accupuncture to herbal, when one is desparate one will try anything. This story can be long but I will shorten it.

My brother I am right with you, fasting and prayer have been my strength. I admit I began fasting for seeking pain relief. I believe the Lord led me to it. I did not know of the spiritual aspect of fasting until I was on one.

I believe I am at an advantage as I am a woman, and I have a husband to help me. I cannot imagine how it must be for you to not be able to provide for your family, my heart goes out to you.

I understand my situation is quite minor compared to someone elses, I know there are people far worse off than myself and live each day with the joy of the Lord. I think of Joni Eareckson Tada, paralyzed in a wheelchair, an inspiration to us all. and people here at TJ.

I do not like to tell people of my problem when they ask why am I limping or why do I have a cane. More often or not it leads to them giving me a lot of well meaning advice. sometimes the response can be even cruel, as to suggest that my faith is not strong enough, or I can even sense that they believe that there must be some unconfessed sin in my life.

I do not know what God's plans are for me. I had to quit the job I had because it was becoming too physically painful and draining, I was a caregiver. I do know that God loves me and right now I believe its His will for me to be at home and just be a loving wife and mom.

I have asked the Lord to heal me often, I am at the point now that I know that He knows what I would like. And if He doesn't heal me then so be it, that is God's will. I just ask for the strength and grace to carry on and live my life and seek joy and peace found only in Jesus Christ.

It has been a very long journey to have reached this point. This disease has taught me alot about myself and I am sure there is more to come. I know God has used my situation to draw me closer to Him and to help me grow.

:love: to all at TJ
calluna said:
I have asked the Lord to heal me often, I am at the point now that I know that He knows what I would like. And if He doesn't heal me then so be it, that is God's will. I just ask for the strength and grace to carry on and live my life and seek joy and peace found only in Jesus Christ.
It has been a very long journey to have reached this point. This disease has taught me alot about myself and I am sure there is more to come. I know God has used my situation to draw me closer to Him and to help me grow.
:love: to all at TJ
Sister, I believe that's where Father wants us to be. When we can say with Paul "And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Even though I wasn't out of the house for 18 years, I wouldn't swap any of those years now for anything. (I never thought I would hear myself say that). They taught me total dependancy on God. And the life I now live is all the more sweet for having suffered for so long. It has taught me to appreciate the smallest things.

Brother Joe, I can identify with you too. Being confined to the house for all those years with 3 children and not being able to do "normal" things for and with them. I too had suicidal thoughts and I praise His Holy name that I can say "there but for the grace of God go I." It is only by the grace of God I can stand here and testify what He has done for me. He is an awesome God.
Beating Depression!

To Calluna and Sunshine 307,


I've been ministered to, I , feel
can really say this!

By two of the most anointed and
sweetest 'gals' on Talk Jesus!

You know, it's so very hard when
you feel you are 'alone' and the
'only' one in the boat without a padel!

I wish I could was there in the flesh
and could give you guys a 'real Holy
Ghost hug!! :boy_hug: :girl_hug:

Music, anointed Worship and Praise
has really helped me a lot to get
through this 'trial'! Joni is a great
inspiration to me and millions of other

My wife's cousin, Dianne has had 5 open
heart surgeries, both breats removed
from cancer, chemo.,radiation treatments,
almost died of a blood disease etc.

We speak to her on the phone at least once
a month. Spoke to her Tuesday night, what
a sense of humor and her stregnth in spite
of her health problems!!

Please pray for her salvation, o.k.?

May God continue to use you both in His
compassion and kindness that you have
constantly demonstrated to me and all
the others that needed comfort!

Love you guys!!

Your brother in Christ,
Calluna---I did not know all that you were going through physically. My heart is with you (as always) and I am going to be praying for you.

When I read what all of you have posted---my heart softens and I begin to pray silently for each of you. What a precious testimony each of you have---simply because of depression! Romans 8:28--He works all things for good to those that love Christ Jesus

Although depression hardly seems like it could be of good use---God uses it to help us admit our weakness and to instill in us the need to lean upon Him. I just knew I was to start this post. We can each know that we are not alone!!! And we can gain strength from our Lord....and each other!
Can I tell the "story" of how I just came out of this recent depression? Lol, you know I'm going to tell the story anyway, don't you? I never seem to be able to stifle that need in me to "share".

I love going to church, but yesterday (Sunday), I was in no condition to worship. My mind was a mess; I was ambivalent, couldn't think straight and felt sure that I would be better off in a cabin alone, 300 miles away. I just felt sure that "no one else's life was as bad and heavy as mine".

At Sunday School and church I stared straight ahead and played EEYORE in my mind. "Poor me. If my hubby would only be listening to this lesson. Poor me. I have to do all the praying in the family and I'm tired."

In the car heading home, my husband said in the quietest gentlest voice I have ever heard--"I'm sorry." He said how convicted he was by what was said at church and apologized to me for some things. Then he apologized to my daughter in the back seat. We went home and I started joking around and was my regular silly self. A sincere, humble apology was really all I needed! And the Lord knew that! Thank You, Lord.
Im so very glad that the Lord spoke through the pastor and striaght to your husbands heart. I know it had to make all things right again when your hubby spoke those words to you , and your daughter

God bless you and yours