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Helped someone get saved today!

Staff Member
I just helped an incredibly true unbeliever get saved (or almost...he rushed off to work...spoke on Yahoo chat for 2 hours before he remembered he has work lol). I caught him cursing GOD in Yahoo Christian room so I pm'd him on Yahoo and threatened to delete His hard drive (call it "my style" LOL). We started chatting and he was one tough unbeliever (did witchcraft, 3 yrs in prison) and 2 hours later his heart was softened by the Word of GOD (I couldn't believe what I was typing...it was so powerful...direct from GOD). He finally admitted Jesus is Savior, that he was wrong for hating and cursing Him and I'm telling you about a thousand or so lines in teh chat session.

He admitted his heart was softened and that NO ONE has ever or were ever able to get to him about Jesus like I did (of course all praise to Jesus Himself). He said about 30 or so people have tried to do this AND GOD spoke to him in a dream in prison warning him that if he does not repent he will die). He even said that he thinks he saw a vision of hell (same dream where GOD was warning him as I stated it to him). I told him how clearly obvious GOD was showing HIS love to him and how easy He was making it for him...by warning him and speaking to so many people like myself (not to mention both his parents are faithful pastors). Wow. I'm so happy! It was tough but who's tougher than the Almighty? Amen! There is no answer to that. Satan is jealous and I'm happy and GOD (well sadly aside from the endless other sins in this world) is joyful! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
Do It Again, Jesus

:love: Awesome! I'm glad I scrolled back the pages and found this one. It cheers my heart to know that people get saved online.
There is a "hard-nosed" person at an old christian site who has cursed me, cursed God, and continues to do it seemingly without any consequences.
However, I know, I just know, that God is dealing with him and softening his heart. Although there is no outward evidence, the Holy Spirit lets me know that the Word of God is finding its way into this man's heart. I believe this man will someday give his heart to the Lord, and I am glad I shared the gospel with him and pray for him.
Great post! Do it again, Jesus
Thank you Chad for sharing this wonderful event. It really is the most encouraging and uplifting thing to hear that someone got saved. I just love it:love:

Only Jesus can perform this remarkable transformation. And Chad we see your humble nature, we know you don't want any credit for this man's repentance , you are totally giving all Glory to the Lord. Jesus used you in a great way, He gave you the right words that only the Lord knew would bring this man's heart to soften and change. All Glory to Jesus. The angels are singing!

Your friend in Christ:love:
The Lord gave me opportunity again to talk to that man again today, just an hour ago. Chad, though your post is from 04....but it was just what I needed to help me see that God never gives up on people and that He wants us to witness the gospel of Christ online.