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I'm an intercessor who's going through now and need some help. I hear and see things not always right but the pastor sees different because one of our associate ministers is her son and I guess he's right or should be. There is no sseking God when things are told I guess. I'm not sure what to do. I need to drop this and not absorb it but I have seen alot and heard.
I'm also living with a husband who's done ungodly things too many times - only by hearing am I finding out these things. It's been 18 years of this. Enough is enough. I am requesting prayer because I stand in the gap for others always.
cubbie62 is your husband born-again?
I'm not sure I understand what your trouble is with the church( pastor and associate), but I can still bring your circumstance before the Throne without knowing. Thank you for being an intercessor
Lord, I ask that you continue to lead Cubbie by Your Spirit and show Yourself to her. Guide her every step and grant that all around her would seek Your face. Dear Lord, grant that You would send Your angels to her when she feels or gets wounded and send wise counsel her way. Grant that she not act out of hurt feeling, but that she allows herself to grieve with You and then confront others at prayer covered times and in love. Support her, not only by Your Spirit, but through others that recognize You at work.
In Jesus name,

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