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hi yo'll,

How do you know if you have a demon in you.

See everytime i go to church & after praise & worship when the pastor is preaching i got this feeling- voices- (demons telling me what to do) that i what to get up & run & take the bible right out of the pastor's hand while he is preaching. Or is it just the devil? Help!?!

What should i do about this.

Now i'm a christian & go to church & i'm a praise dancer 4 God & stuff.

But i can't figure this out? Is it a demon in me or is it just the devil just whispering in my ear?
Demons like to pester even Christians, in various ways, by telling them lies.

Reject the lies, tell them you do not have to listen and are protected by GOD The HOLY SPIRIT, who lives in you.

Read your Bible and stand on THE WORD.

Also please change your avatar >>> it looks like a demon to me. (do not give place or expression to the devil, even in small things , such as an avatar)


Philippians 4

8. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.


Jesus Bless you !

GOD Loves you.

Fight the good fight.

dave :^>
Dave777 said:
(do not give place or expression to the devil, even in small things , such as an avatar)

but my avatar isn't (it looks like a demon to me) its just stitch from lilo &stitch series diseny channel if you watch that channel.
lol now now you too... lol calm downage a bit... lol

well i have that feeling about me too At times but not in church mine are at school. sitting in class i will think i am enjoying myself and then i will have this sudden urge to throw my head threw a window and punch thru the walls and then kick holes in the door and hit the teachers and stuff like tt but nothing to do with stuff in Church... but i do not kno wand woudl like to know my self... lol

evry body i am NOt back yet but saw this and htough i shodul help out or give my input. so yeah... bye bey

Love simon!!!

I don't think you are demon possessed but I do think there is alot of confusion all around you especially in your home remember darkness does not mix with light. I think you should do some spiritual cleansing you would be surprised at what is considered a demonic influence and whats not. Lilo and Stitch may appear to be harmless but so does Harry Potter and a whole lot of others. This is how the enemy disguises himself like a wolf in sheeps clothing so be careful in what you allow to influence you because everything that appears to be harmless and innocent is not.
Be Blessed,