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Help with study.

I have just had 2 weeks from work to spend time with my new son. His name is Jude Ian Angel.

The thing is during my study and thinking about going back to work I hear this voice inside me. Yet I cant find it in scripture. I was wondering where its source was from.

"all buying and selling is from the evil one"

Its making me feel like I shouldnt go back to work.

Please if anyone could help to study this and find it in scripture, would be great help.

God Bless :love:
"all buying and selling is from the evil one" is not in the bible, many of God's people in the old testament, starting form Genesis had bought and sell goods, but God never rebuked them for doing so. Example Genesis 41:57, Joseph sold goods to many people and the list goes on. That voice you heard is not form God.