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Help set my girlfriend free

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My girlfriend was raised protestant and i am trying to get her to come around to Jesus. She sees how happy i am as of late and how its changed me, but i still cant get her to see the light. Please pray with me that she will come around. Everybody else in my life has come to the lord, and this is the last straggler.

thank you

God Bless (well if you are here you already are blessed)
I pray that you would be a good witness to her of our Lord. Don't forget the patience the Lord had with the disciples, how regardless of the amazing miracles, they still doubted for a long time. He loved them and protected them throughout his time on earth (except Judas, who was destined to be a traitor).
I am praying for you. That you remain patient with her throught this spiritual journey. I also pray for her, that she keep an open mind, and open heart to the Lord. No matter what, keep praying, as the Lord hears all prayers. Don't let it bring you down if it seems you aren't making progress. Keep praying for her, and as always, be an ambassador of the Lord Jesus, and with some time and patience, hopefully she will feel the bold and profound love of the Lord. I'll keep you both in my prayers. My girlfriend and I are essentailly going through thesame thing, however, she is generally less open -mnded in regards to Christianity and the teachings of the Bible, so i know it can be frustrating. Be patient and Put all your trust in the Lord. God Bless you and your Girlfriend!
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