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Help please help

Hi Yo'll,
I'm struggling with swearing . I got to the point were i'm not swearing as much as i use to. But i am swearing here & there . Basically its when the pop-up ads on the internet keep popping up & the whole thing freezes up on me & then & have to get off the internet then back on. its like i'm drinking or something like i can't stop. But i got it down a little bit. & its when i can't take something to a point where i swear. But other than that i'm fine. so can someone help me with this? Anyone have advice?
Formerly Adiaglow
I've noticed that what helps me is that I just try to please God with every word that comes out of my mouth. I struggle with this problem too, so I feel ya. I just think before I speak. It's ok to get frustrated, trust me, those pop0ups are buggers! lol But just stop yourself & God will notice. Hope that helps... <3


For the swearing, it's frustration sneeking in. Try telling yourself to use your words to honour God. I'm with you on that boat trip.
All the best.
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