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Help needed

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I am looking for a psychologist or pastor who will be able to write a heart-breaking email -letter according my points about one not nice person (manipulator) to Southwark Diocesan Office & to Parishes in UK. It has to be written from the Bible points because this person is maybe well known in local Parish as a rich donator but it is his face mask only.

He destroyed my family, he separated me from my husband and now he has no mercy with me and with my small children & my disable old Mum. I have to move away from his apartment after 9 years. He bought the apartment and promised to move apartment to my name after 9 years but after 3 years he sold apartment to company of his son because of Family court – his divorce.

He is not father of my children only God father of one of my son. When I met with my husband him in India he became a family friend to all of us during the couple years. He visited us at home. Despite of it he gave me to sign an immoral contract; 9 years ago when I have been pregnant with my first child. I did not understand English in that time well, but I have trusted to him and he made a big pressure during that moment of signature. I have been strong and he did not get a sex from me during the 6 years 2008 -2014 - it was his request in the contract! So, my mistake is only one – despite of his sexual harassment during the 6 years I did not give sex to him (because I am Christian' lady). During the business trips he went with me to the church and he tried to pray but it was his face mask only…

I still work in his company as a contractor but I have no rights to visit my colleagues since I became a pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy made him extremely angry and from 2014 he is doing many small actions against me through my colleagues or directly to me. It is a hell to me. I like a work in his company very much – to care for customers. It looks that his aim is to kick me out from company – but with my own decision. For example my emails cannot be deliver directly to my colleagues only through his PA or I am not receiving enquiries from customers anymore and I cannot earn more money – no explanation from him or announcement. Just such painful actions against me which I found step by step…. He is not talking to me /writing emails directly during the last couple years.

He did not pay to me for many hours of work. He paid to me just 10 or 20 hours per week but I have worked for him sometimes 15 hours per day. He controlled me even at 3 am and I have had a hell once I did not become online on Skype during the late evening 365 days per year till ~2014.

Could you be so kind to let me know if you can help me with the letter please? I am desperate. I do not like to start a court case against him now. I am Cristian and I would like to give to him a chance before I will open the court case.

I truly appreciate your help with the letter to his pastor-church.
God bless you.

Staff Member
Dear @Bety
The truth be told the best I can do or any of us separated from what has happened to you is to pray to our Heavenly Father on your behalf.
It is better to look to those who are witness' to what has happened to you. For it is Scriptural to go with two witness' before the Pastor of the Church.
Asking people online who know nothing of what is going on except from your words would not be sufficient. If the only relief you have is to
bring it to the Courts, then in prayer do so.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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