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I am taking a big step by writing in this space. But then again, I have taken many big steps this past week or two. I received the Holy Spirit and was Baptized in Jesus' name, but I don't know where to go from here. I was visiting in Omaha where I got baptized, but live in western MA--I am asking for help to find a church that will serve my needs. I was told to find an Apostolic group.
I love the Lord, and don't want to loose what I finallyl found--after searching for many years.
I would appreciate any and all responses. Thanks in advance.
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Hello and Welcome to Talk Jesus

Hello there and welcome to talk Jesus,
:grin: the best church i can think of to suggest is to see if there is a "Calvary Chapel" in your area, go to and you can do a search from there to see if they have one near you, they have good Bible Study programs, and it's an Apostolic group.

They don't have very many churches in all states, but hopefully they will have one near you, and if they don't you can email or call them and ask them to suggest a good church near you, :grin:

Anyway it is a good place to get started, Check it out and see what you think. :grin:

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