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I need to ask a question

Greeting @Marlena Scarfo

Welcome to the forum.

Is your question the one on the profile page? If so the answer is yes.

Thank you for joining the forum Marlena, we are here to help and guide you with scripture, we are here to serve, we do not point any fingers, we have all sinned. We do try answer any questions you have in love, especially when scripture might say something you didn't want to hear. Always ask Marlena, don't harbour your thoughts inside you and worry.

Jesus loves you, we do too.

There are quite a few members on the forum around your age, we pray you enjoy your time here, if you need more help you can ask on the forum or even send a PM, personal message.

Bless you
Welcome to Talk Jesus, Marlena! Nice to meet you. Please know that this is a great place, and feel free to share what’s on your mind. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. Blessings!
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Welcome to the forums. If you want to ask a question, ask away.
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I need to ask a question
First welcome to Talk Jesus Marlena.
Second is the question you want to ask the one you placed in your bio?
If it is, then the answer is more than just a yes & no.
The sin happens when you have these thoughts/temptations and then act upon them.
I hope this at least answers that one question.

Once again be welcome.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.