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Hello ,

I am but a servant for our risen Lord. I was sick for many years and when the doctors found out what was wrong their treatments varied as much as the Sun sets East to West. I was told to have my brain operated no because there was nothing that could be done and to just live my life to the fullest for the next, maybe five years. I’m here today to tell you that was 15 years ago. God, gently guided me to a doctor that was performing an experimental operation and guided his hands along with another surgeon to completely heal me, both physically and spiritually. I have been growing closer to the lord day by day. Because of the time period I was told it would take me to heal I bought a computer and started searching the Internet for other people that had been healed by this operation. What I found were stores. I believe God led me to them. And that they were inspired by God that these wonderful writers write them. The stories reached down and touched my soul. At first I just collected them and then later after the Left Behind series came out I started posting them. After five years and thousands of stories I’ve collected over 500 of what I call only the Best. So sit back, relax, start reading and Enjoy them. From my heart to yours..

I now have authors sending me their new stories to read. They know that I only keep and post the Best. Stop by and receive the blessings that they have been to many others. May Jesus walk beside you from this day forward and forever.

The Story Teller
A.K.A. Richard
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