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Hello everyone! I really look forward to being on this forum! It looks very intersting, and looks like it could help lots of ppl with things. Well...hmm...what are some things you would want to know about me...I love listened to Music. I love, love, love Christian Rock. My fave bands are Skillet, 12Stones, Underoath, and POD. I love them so much! I also, of course, love the Lord, but thats a given. I love Lord of the Rings, and I absolutely love to RPG (Role Play). I have a Testomony, that I would like to share, if I find a place to share it at...
Well, thats about it for me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope I have a good time on here!
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Welcome to our family and thank you for joining us
Hello, glad your here. By the way I love christian rock too! My favorite bands are Blindside, Project 86, and Underoath (just to name a few).