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Hello, my short intro


Here is some information on me and my life, so you can get a better understanding.

Male/23/Hollywood, CA, born in russia
Married, wife = 26, Angel , born in london
I got 12 tattoos on me(even tho this was around the time before i follow GOD and the laws and commandments, meaning nobody is suppose to get tattoos or what the bible calls: Mark up your temple/body. )

I like to play video games, sleep, look out the window durning thunderstorms, read, and drive around for no reason and listen to my fav music.

Some of my fav bands: Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Korn, Dave Matthews, Enya, blink 182 , GODsmack, and more.

We have 8 cats and we like to dress them in custom made clothes.

Now bare in mind that, i am closed minded: I only read and pay attention to the bible, the king james version. I believe in GOD which is the father and i believe in the King of Jews which is the Son of GOD whom we CALLEST Jesus Christ. I am not a christian, infact i do not have a religion, thus i have nothing to do with christianity.

I am sick of hearing about evolution and the works of science, i dont care for them, yet alone believe in them.

And in a few years, i have plans to change the World.

Peace & Good times!:shade:
Glory to God said:
Ok brother, I love honesty and you believe what you speak. However my evaluation is this. You are reading the Bible, you are not drinking the Bible. Some people thirst for Jesus so they read the Bible and drink from the fountain. Some people acknowledge God read the Bible and think the stuff they read is cool and that the laws are intriguing. The Bible is cool because its the farthest thing from hell fire. The Bible is not a book of laws its a book of wisdom a way to live your life glory to God. The king of the Jews is your father, he died for your sins so confess him as your Lord and savior. You are a Christian brother it is not a religion it is our life,our whole existence. God bless you and you can change the world, start with your community or church, spread the word of God.

The King of Jews is Jesus Christ, infact the bible is the only way to understand anything in this life, thus, the bible only mentions Jesus Christ as:

The King of Jews, The Great Prophet, The Son of man, The Lamb, The Messiah, The son of GOD.

You say Jesus is my Father, but Jesus himself said: " I go back to my father, your father, and the world father "

Right there, There is no mention as my Father. And about the christian thing, well i am not a christian, i am one in my heart tho, but not in the outside appearance.

Peace and GOD Bless the World!:thumbs_up
Staff Member
And in a few years, i have plans to change the World.

I seriously suggest you re-phrase that if you do not mind. Actually, I am not asking you but to tell you to re-phrase that. You are no one to "change the world", not in the tone and mix with your views could you dare. I certainly believe Jesus would be back before you could accomplish changing the world.

This is a family oriented Christian website. Remember that please.

Finally, why would you read the Bible and not WANT to be a Christian anyway? What purpose are you reading it for if you refuse to accept Christ in your life (hence that is what a Christian believes). Please explain.

(edit to add more info)

I saw your post about being a Christian inside but not outside. Actually, GOD looks in the heart (inward) and not outward. If you truly love Jesus Christ in your heart and believe/accept Him as your Savior, you are saved.
God bless you.
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I hope you remember that Nobody knows when GOD has plans to send his son back to take care of business. So instead of saying, you believe that the son of man will come back before i change "this" world, you should word it better and say: I have faith , it is possible that the christ will return to this world and restore order before you change this world / accomplish changing the world.

Nevertheless, when i speak about changing the world, i am not talking about saving this world, i'm talking about helping people and animals. Everyone does thier part, so i have the right to do my part by helping people and animals. I also believe that Jesus will return soon, i have faith in this, i hope for this, i look forward to the day when we who are faithful to GOD and his son should: "Dwell into righteousness in the holy city".

But even GOD said, we can help people, and that is my plan, that is my way of changing the world, helping people and animals.

And about the christian thing, let me ask you this:

" In the bible it mentions how the disciples are the first christians, alright. How do you know that we are the second christians?

Or do you consider yourself a disciple as well?
strypes said:
I did a search (all KJV btw) and these are the only scriptures using the word christian (christians) in the king james version.

Ac 11:26 -
And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

Ac 26:28 -
Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

1Pe 4:16 -
Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

I guess 1 peter chapter 4 verse 16 shows that , whosoever believeth in the Son of GOD is a christian. Well i dont consider myself one, dont question it, just remember what i said. Even tho, its a matter of one's choice. We are not order to label ourself a christian, its a choice.

I have my reasons why i do not consider myself one from the outside appearance. It has nothing to do with being ashamed lol, nothing like that.

Hey LegendaryU2k,
First I want to say, I love you strypes!!!
Back to you LegendaryU2k. Welcome, I am very new here too. I just wanted to say that.
Once I also would not say I was not a christian while still knowing that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD. It's not up to us to change only the SPIRIT of the GREAT GOD JEHOVAH can. It is HIS righteousness, our's is as filthy rags before FATHER. But, praise HIM , HE made the way back to himself and HE paid it all. CHRIST JESUS is speaking to you through the WORD. HE is the word made flesh. Listen and receive. gotta go......