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Hello my friends

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by benny92000, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, i just joined here, i am looking for a good christian site to be a part of, hopefully i will find that here. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have plans to really help this site grow, as i am very experienced with advertising (Without spamming of course) Thank you all and God bless.
  2. Hi there brother. Welcome to talkJesus. This is really a great Christian site. Always visit and join the forums. Enjoy the fellowship. God Bless yah
  3. I will. I really like what i see on this site. Chad has done a great job.
  4. Welcome, Benny92000. I live about two hours south of you off I-71 in Kentucky. Enjoy the forum. It is a great cyberplace.

    SpiritLedEd (SLE)
  5. K cool, i live in Pickerington, Ohio.
  6. Hi Benny92000

    Hi Benny 92000,

    You are most welcome to the Talk Jesus forum!!!

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your spirit with the words the Holy Spirit gives to you to pray in tongues!!!

    I love you in Jesus Christ and in the Bosom of the Holy Father and in the communion of the Holy Spirit!!!

    Vinay the Evangelist
  7. Greetings Brother benny92000, glad to have you join the family. I pray your time spent here will be blessed.

    God bless

  8. Welcome to TJ , you will find wonderful people and fellowship here.

    In Christ,

  9. Hello welcome to our TJ family!You will really enjoy it here.God Bless

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