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Hello I am new here

Hello, I anew here so I will start with may testimony:

I am 37! I was Born Again of the water and the Spirit at age 19
This make me a Christian now for 18 years.

I was born again:

October 24th 1987 .... 10:20 pm

Wednesday night Service ran late, when THEY caught me, lingering in the alter, repenting my eyes out... it took awhile to find a clean Baptismal robe for a 6 foot man. I had to get Baptized in Jesus' name...Then They had to pray me thru to the Holy Spirit... Then I had to get tired and horse from shouting in tongues. Then the visiting rabbi had to interpret the Hebrew I was shouting.. Then I had to come out of my "Jesus High" enough to be able to care about dry clothes and look for my watch....Then I had to find a pen to write the time and date down in my Bible ....
Welcome Steadfast,
Praise be unto the Father for your salvation.I pray you keep growing in the Spirit and you find what your Spirit needs here.