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Hello I am a newbie!

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Hey everyone I am new and just wanted to introduce myself. I am from Tn and I go to Fellowship Evangelical Free Church ([edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]). I am 25 and just recently got engaged so I have been really trying to seek out the Lord's will and allow him to mold me into a husband that has the tools to lead my wife in a way that is pleasing to God. I have been involved in several secular forums for cars ect but I am extremely happy to have found a fourm geared toward fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!
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God bless you Cleezy. Thank you for joining the site.

Seek GOD and you are seeking obedience and peace within you :)

Praise Jesus
Hi Cleezy. . . welcome on board .. .great to meet you .. .hmmm forum for cars? airbrush too? hehe my hubby likes that too. . .
May God bless us with great fellowship on this beautiful website :love:
Hello Cleezy,
Welcome to Talk Jesus, I look forward to chatting with you. Congrat's on the marriage.

Your Pastor T