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((WELCOME! andrewnicholas to TALK-JESUS.))

((WELCOME! andrewnicholas to TALK-JESUS.))

We are a spiritual home, a safe haven,
grounded in Scripture and centered in life,
where we are nurtured and challenged in our journey of faith. We welcome all people to join us in worship and prayer, and in joyful service to the community that we are here.

We invite all people to become part of our Talk-JESUS family. We are a warm and accepting community which actively welcomes newcomers, provides hospitality to visitors, seeks to help all become involved in our fellowship, and responds with Christ’s love to their pastoral needs.

We are a congregation that reaches outward into the community around us and inward into our own congregation in the name of Christ to offer assistance and/or direction to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially children in need.

Come and join us now in Christ's Warmth, Acceptance, & Caring! AMEN

In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD, the ONLY begotten Son of GOD.

About Talk Jesus:

Talk Jesus is an online church, a body of believers that gather to fellowship, praise and worship our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, GOD Himself. It is not about debating Scripture for Scripture is the infallible Word of GOD. It is Truth from Almighty GOD, the Alpha and the Omega. The power of Scripture, aka Truth speaks for itself so their is no opinion of man or debate among them that may, could or shall disturb the Way of Truth.

Talk Jesus forums is not meant to be a replacment of your local church but a replacement of any online ungodly place that satan may lead you to. Talk Jesus is a site that has one main purpose. Glorify GOD. Within that purpose comes preaching the Gospels, the Truth to the saved to build up their faith, the unsaved to reach their hearts with the love of Christ so that they may be saved by the grace of GOD through Jesus Christ.

Talk Jesus is a temporary earthly home for us believers to gather together as THE BODY OF CHRIST and do the Father's will on earth as it is done in Heaven, before the glorious second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless you all!

Your Brother in Christ,
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andrewnicholas said:
Good morning friends.I am a new member.I pray that God will surround us with love today.I look forward to your fellowship.
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heya andy pandy puddin n pie...

(soz, i have a thing wif nicknames...)

how u doin????

welcome 2 TJ andy/drew/andypandy... i could go 4 ages!! lol...

but yea, im sure the Lord will continue 2 bless ur life thru this site, an just remember... altho sumfin bad may go wrong, God will turn it in2 good!!

love ya man!!

~God Bless!!~
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i am always pleased to meet new pplz's so dotn worry about it.. so yeah!!

but you sound like you having a good time in here dotn ya...
gettign all the help you can it's AWEOSME!!!

Love Simon!!!
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Hey there, Nicholas! I met you once in Live Chat, but didn't realize you were new here. I'm new here as well. About a week now. Anyway, welcome to Talk Jesus, Brother! GBU!

Amen! :love:
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