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Hello everyone


God smashed my heart into million pieces. Now I have a new life…and this life belongs to God, so I give my life to Him…together with Him I try to arrange all things…piece after piece…

I am looking for new friends who are just like I give their lives to Jesus.

I even started to write a blog about my spiritual experiences. I want to share with others what God is doing with me through the Holy Spirit.

I thank God for everything

Greetings to all
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus Brother Damien.
I hope and pray that you find the fellowship that you are seeking here at this online Christian Community called Talk Jesus.
Once again be welcome brother.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Thank you all for that warm welcome. Thank you for your prayers. I am very pleased.

My blog is

Home - Damien's Journal

Recently, I started writing this blog and this is just the beginning. For now, in this blog, I try to introduce myself. Posts have a form that describe who I am / who we are in God, my struggling and what is most important to me - God. I experience amazing things thanks to Him. His Grace bowed my knees. I love Him.

I pray for all of you, and I thank God for you