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Hello Everyone!


My name is Emma and I'm 15 years old and come from the UK!

I am wanting to know more Christians and learn more about The Bible and God.

My family dont really talk about God much and once when i was trying to read The Bible one of my parents made a right comment about it! So i'm afraid i dont know much but am willing to learn.

I hope I have found a good site to learn from but just glancing at it i thinki have!

I hope you are all doing well.

God bless


O and i was just wondering, I am a realy fan of punk and rock music, i was just wondering if there are any christian bands that are like that?

many thanks.
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Hey Emma.
Welcome to talk Jesus.!! Its a blessing to have you here!! Talk jesus is a very loving and christlike environment! lots of brothers and sisters in christ who would love too meet you!! I will be looking forward to catching up with you in chat!! God Bless you sister!
P.S... I too Have a little Ukranian in my family

Hello Emma,
Welcome to Talk Jesus. I am so glad you found us. Your honesty and willingness to learn about God is fantasic. There are many people here who are great teachers. Keep logging on and reading the post. Also, join in on the "live Chat" as well. I look forward to talking with you.

God Bless you

Your Pastor T

P.s. Yes there are Punk Christian Bands, let me do a little checking before I recommend any. As Far as rock bands, there are many. Read the Post about favorite songs, some of these are Christian Rock songs. But, Let me list a couple for you, that the youth at our church to listen to:

Third Day - Rock
12 Stones - Rock/Hard Rock
Kutless - Rock
D.C.Talk - modern rock
Pillar - hard rock
Audio Adreniline - modern rock
New Boys - modern rock
Big Dismal - rock
David Crowder Band - Contemporary Praise
Skillet - Hard Rock
Thousand foot Krutch - Rock
Relient K - Pop/Punk Rock
Switchfoot - Modern Rock
tobymac - Rock/hip hop
Taylor - Alternative/modern rock
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Hey you guys! thanks for the replys!

Thanks for the bands, I'll look into them!

God bless

Hey Emma, Welcome to TalkJesus. You're going to love it here. We all do:) most of us anyways that want to know for of Jesus and God. Well I hope to talk to you soon. God bless you greatly
ur sis, Tanya, are you Ukrainian?