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Hello Everyone!!!

It's been really really long since I last visited tj...I missed all the activity.I can loadsa new things out here.Loadsa amazing new people! (God's blessed you Chad! What a privilege, I say!)

Now a few updates about me.God has been so gracious to me(as always He is) I got into the 1st year M.B.B.S. program in one of the best universities in our state.It's amazing how God opened the doors for me.I am the only Believer in our year.It was kinda disheartening in the beginning,but God comforted me.I know God has put me here in this wilderness for a purpose.I can see a lot of hurt and brokeness among the people here.I pray this place will never be the same again.People here worship idols ,but I believe a time will come when all those idols will crumble to dust.

I found a tiny church here,full of orphans and widows.I always wanted to work with the underpriviledged and it's amazing how God brought me to this place!!! I'm so blessed!!! Blessed to be a blessing.

We've already started a youth cell here.Some of my Hindu and Muslim friends from college attend it.God will work in them in His time.

And about the other things..I live in my college hostel.The weather is pretty decent...can go upto 11 degree celcius in winters.And the faculty is wonderful.....

I have to go now....GOD BLESS...Hugs:girl_hug:
Dear Naomi,

I'm glad that you have joined in MBBS. Even I feel hurt when I see people worship idols, but we should be so grateful to God because of the way, He revealed Himself to us and give thanks to Him. Now since we know the truth about Him, we should be His witnesses under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Remember, we cannot do anything by ourselves, it is through Him that we are more than conquerers.

Even I'm from India. I'm an engineering student.

Just trust in God, He will make you a light to your classmates.

God bless you.

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