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Hello brothers

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by JustSomeone, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hello brothers in Christ!

    I'm new to this forum and I really don't know what to write here.

    I hope I'll spend some good time here and I'll participate in interesting debates.

  2. Welcome to talk Jesus friend.
    I hope you find this forum to be encouraging and edifying.
  3. Welcome to Talk Jesus JustSomeone hope you like it here,
    and hope to see you in chat sometime soon
    loads of love in Christ,

    kirsty xxx
  4. Grace and Peace

    Welcome to talkjesus hope you enjoy the fellowship. Unfortunately debates are highly discouraged even though at times it does show it's face. Please browse around and I look forward to seeing you on the forums.

    Be blessed.
  5. What do you mean by that? By "debates" I meant just discussion (talk) on interesting subjects.

    Also, thank you very much people for a warm welcome! I really appreciate it!
  6. #6 rizen1, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
    " I meant just discussion (talk) on interesting subjects. "..thats definitely allowed and welcomed. As for the word debate it has it's prideful ugly side that brings confusion and division. Debates in itself have it's own atmosphere and tends to be more an argument than a bible study.

    An open bible study led by the Holy Spirit and not for self gain or self glory is highly acceptable and fruitful.

    Enjoy the site and be bless.

    Talk Jesus | Christian Forums - Announcements in Forum : Church & Sermons
  7. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that debate meant that. When I think of "debate" I just think of "discussion" or "talk".
    English is not my first language so that's probably why ;)
  8. Welcome Aboard Justsomeone;
    Hope you enjoy TJ. I like the name you carry. Always remember that you are "justsomeone" special in Christ Jesus!
  9. Welcome to TJ hope you enjoy your time here, and find the things here to be of great use.Blessingssssss
  10. Hey, thanks! I'm glad you like my name but I don't consider myself special at all. Just a sinner that found his way home. A prodigal son if you will ;) I'm far from special.

    Thank you!

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