Hello brothers and sisters.

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All things are according to God‘s will . If you are having troubles search His word and seek what God is purposing in your life. Turn away your fear He is in full control of All things. Try to learn and grow from whatever is tormenting you. He loves you and is directing your path..follow it. He never will leave you to battle alone..He Is a marvelous God and knows exactly where He is taking you...and what He is teaching you..Sometimes it just seems so unfair,unethical or even cruel but know there is purpose in everything God does in your life..Love Him,Trust Him and give Him praise in your darkest moments. He will give you peace,security and eternal life with Him through salvation from the blood of His Son,Jesus . You can serve Him and spread His love to others ..He surely loves you. Danny
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@Dan Reese
Welcome to Talk Jesus.
As our Sister in Christ Jesus has stated "Enjoy the forum and online Christian fellowship".
Be welcome!
With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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