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Hello and God Bless!

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God bless all! Name is Louis and I am a born again believer. Been born again since I was 12 and I enjoy learning new things about the word! Over all being raised in the church my testimony is not as exciting as some converts are but nonetheless God works wonders everyday!

I look to learn new things about the word and reason with fellow brethren in new understanding of God's infinite wisdom. Anyone who likes to discuss interesting topics such as "Who are the Nephilim" "Creation vs Evolution" or are just curious is welcome to send me a message!

Looking forward to discussing. :]


Welcome to the forum, friend! We serve a God who is able to accomplish wonders in every situation.
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Welcome aboard Louis!
Glad you have found your way to this Christian Community here at Talk Jesus.

Awesome that you have a desire to continue to grow in the Lord. As far as not having an exciting testimony. Guess what? It's yours and can't anyone take it away from you! That in and of itself makes it AWESOME! Hey not everybody can have a Road to Damascus conversion :)

I'm sure you will find takers on the subjects that you are particularly interested in. Do a search here and you'll probably find threads that have been started on those very same subjects! Eventually, I'm sure you'll be starting your own. Look forward to them as well.

Once again Louise. Be welcome!