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Hello all

Hello all,
Here is a brief description of my past, where I have been and where I would like to be. I have been saved quite a while ago, I would say it has been 10 years. Ive spent quite a bit of time humbling myself and walking in the spirit. No words can describe my life at the time and how wonderful it was to feel the way I felt. I don't exactly know where or at what time in the past few years that life around me had taken over and consumed that feeling and distracted me from my spiritual goals. But it happened, somehow I got distracted and my life seemed to have snowballed from there. Things got to busy and I definately lost track.

I was born and raised Catholic in MA, went to Catholic school up to 9th grade. Through that time I had been an Altar boy. I am the youngest of 7 children. Upon going into my early 20s, I had some conversations with a man at my job, that seems to have changed my life. He believed in Non-denominational Christian beliefs, which I do myself now.

I just seam to have had some ups and downs since then. My father would not even hear of it at the time, not being a Catholic. I am not here to put down the Catholic Church, by all means. I have a lot of respect for a lot of people in the Catholic church. I think with the reaction I have gotten from some family members, I without realizing at the time became a little bitter and have not been to church regularly since. I have had times where I have had the discipline to keep up with reading the Bible and constantly asking for God's help and strength to resist temptation through Jesus Christ. I have also had times where discipline hasn’t been so good. And with all my confusion, between not belonging to a church, which I have been used to my whole life, I have been backsliding on and off. I know what I need to do, and want to do it. I want to become part of a Christian community, but have been afraid to start anywhere.

I believe at sometime I had become hurt, feeling very comfortable in the Catholic church and devoting a lot of my life to it, only to come to the conclusion as an adult that I do not believe in a lot of the Catholic ways that I didn’t see as a child. In the meantime, I have a family of my own now and life seams to be just coasting along before my eyes. I have slightly taught my children about Jesus Christ, but have not come close to what I believe I should be doing. I am lost and want to devote my life to God, and need to start with the small steps. I am also just plain afraid of becoming part of the wrong organization and putting my children through the ups and down that I have been through. I do realize that my faith needs to be stronger than that.

For starters I would at the very least like to start talking to some others about Christ, and reading the Word on a regular basis. So this can be my starting point. I am 31 and there have been a lot of grey areas between 20-30, but also a lot of great insprirational moments in those times. There has never been a question in my mind whether or not Jesus Christ is my savior. I’ve always wanted to strive to know Christ more through his word and devote my life and at times have just been distracted with temptation and the world around me. I would like to find the right Christian community for me and my family, its time for me to move on with my Faith. I had come home from Iraq a couple years ago and went back to my civilian job only to find out that I was absolutely miserable in the area I lived and the career I had chosen. So, in prayer I had been asking God for guidance and started to read the bible again. Since then I have joined the US Army (was in the National guard previously) and moved to Texas. Now trying to put my life back together in Christ here I am. Where to go from here, I’ll find it through Christ.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope it does not come off as just rambling on. I'm glad to have registered here. I have scanned through the site a bit and so far I have really liked what I have read. Hope to meet a lot of great people here and to continue to learn and grow in Jesus Christ.
Welcome Brother . I pray that you find the living truth here at TalkJesus . Peace to you . MikeT4G
Hi Tanganyikajoe, good to see you here, hope you'll find lots of encouragement.

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Staff Member
Hello brother Joe. Welcome to Talk Jesus! Glad to hear you found the real Truth in GOD. Non denomination is the way to avoid division.

GOD bless you
Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I think this site will be a very useful tool in finding Christ and helping me move closer to devoting my whole life to Christ.
Thanks again and
God bless you all.
:sun: Hi Welcome to talkjesus.. I totally understand how you feel about beliefs, I was raised Jehovahs Witness, and Baptist.. I was a very confused child growing up.. but always believed in the Lord.. and until I was an adult, I came to figure that it doesnt matter what my belief is, as long as I believeth in him, and what he has had to sacrifiy for us, to even be here.. in a world that he has created for us.. to enjoy.. I will pray for you and your struggles.. God Bless.. Suzie :love:
Hello I just wanted to say your testimony really touched me it's wonderful to see the Lord at work and I pray He continues to make Himself manifest to you through the Word of Life!