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Heavenly transport

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Just wondering, if Elijah were on earth today, would God choose something more modern than a "Chariot of Fire" to whisk him up to heaven ? and if so, what might might it be.
We know that the chariot of fire was an aircraft of some type. Ezekiel describes this crafts the best he could. Ezekiel 1:4 Ezekiel called it a whirlwind, a fire in folding upon itself, the color of amber. This Amber was highly polished bronze. At this time Ezekiel had only seen horse drawn chariots and wagons. He describes what we would call a flying saucer.

These crafts undoubtedly are the same vehicles use by the fallen angles to come to earth without coming through the womb of woman. A can assure you the fallen angels didn’t just fall out of the sky and land on earth. These are the same vehicles that God uses to traverse the solar system. These crafts defy gravity and move at extreme speeds.

This was the same type craft that God came to earth and picked up Elijah and Elijah’s protege, Elisha witnessed the event. Elijah had told Elisha if he seen him leave with God that day, Elisha prayed he would receive a double portion of Elijah spirit. And Elisha did receive a double portion. Through Elijah’s ministry, he performed eight miracles in his time and through Elisha’s ministry, he performed sixteen miracles. Amazing.

Two friends and I saw what I suspected to be four of these crafts that came out of the four directions over a 45 minute period several years ago. They were extremely high and moved extremely fast. They looked like a faint light speeding across space. A satellite travels 17,500 miles per hour and takes at lest five minutes to cross the sky before going out of sight. These speeding lights that we all saw would cross over and out of sight in less than three to five seconds. I would only be guessing if I would say how high and fast these lights traveled.

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