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Heavenly thoughts

Written By Michelle Ross

A beautiful spring day with an almost turquoise sky.
White feathered clouds as if they are angels wings spread wide across the open sky. I sit there reading my book
On a blanket a warm spring breeze blowing the hair off my shoulders as the sun warms my face.
The sweet smell of Gardena which has made their spring time appearance.
What an awesome thing God has created from his very spoken word! I close my eyes and lay my book down along side of me breathing all his wonderful beauty he has created.
I open my eyes for a moment then start thinking of heaven and what it could really be like I close my yes and I can paint pictures of it in my mind. What will I see I wonder thinking to my self I maybe wrong but this is how I visualize heaven in my mind.
With my eyes closed I think to my self of streams ever flowing clear as crystal mountains standing tall and rainbow colored skies.
Little children playing in the meadows chasing butterflies and bunnies with such big smiles on those sweet little faces. Huge trees with ivy twisted all around the bases climbing to the tops of every tree.
Flowers of every kind in full bloom. Fruit, That grows on the trees' in abundance.
Never lacking only prospering. Here there is no death or sickness no pain no sorrow. Only laughter, and joy.
Golden streets and mansions streets filled with thousands and thousands of happy friendly faces amongst them.
I see those I could only imagine who they are Paul, Abraham, Elijah, Moses, peter, and so many more.
Then up a head I look and what do I see a man.
Standing there clothed in white with a crown on his head golden sash. This has to be Jesus I think to my self. Calling us to him. We walk towards him. As we grow closer to him, feeling the power of the Glory of God.
We start to feel weak in our knees we continue on we fallow this one I think is Jesus walking I can see a huge thrown There I can see the father Our father! The one who loved us, so much to give us this life in eternity through his only begotten son Jesus Christ. As we walk forward some fall to they’re knees.
His glory is so powerful, and awesome!
We press forward.
Out stretched hands reaching towards him longing to lie at his feet.
Angels sing in other tongues, Dancing before him.
I hear blast of loud trumpets and horns.
Little children dancing at his feet.
This is what I see in my mind. Tears of joy fill my eyes I stand in awe worshiping him praising his name Glory!
We shout Hallelujah! There is no division in denominations we are all as one unity as we can never imagine.
Love and peace fills our hearts like we never known as it could be. Surrounded with his glory we dance and sing Praise to him.
No, darkness not even a shadow will fall.
Oh I can only imagine what it will truly be like.
Angels standing there before him with their arms opened wide praising him.
Standing in awe!
Oh I want to see now!
Lord, please show me!
Is this what I will see?
The glory the peace! The joy! No more suffering!
I wonder what his words will be to us.
I can imagine one thing will be.
Welcome, home my children!
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You paint a pretty picture.:thumbs_up

Yours through Christ JESUS,:love:Yeshua:boy_hug:
wow that was beautiful...I cant wait to go home. I picture Jesus carring my little boy and just...wow I cant imagine how being that happy and peaceful will feel! Just think we could be taken home at any MINUTE!! Praise Jesus for all eternity! See you in the new world coming!
to be honest with you I cant wait to go home either and be with all my family Looking forward to worshipping the Father with all of you God bless you all i love you in Christ