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Heavenly Music

Staff Member
Heavenly Music - February 22, 2006

Just the other day, I met with a friend to go out to eat, and we decided to dine somewhere within our budget - a college budget!

After eating and sharing our thoughts for a while, my attention was diverted to the children having fun, in the playground area. We both noticed their free spirited attitude and daring jumps from place to place, with much enthusiasm. I smiled to myself and remembered when I used to do the exact same thing and how it gave me joy inside and out.

As we continued with our conversation, my heart picked up a well-known tune, sung by a soft, but recognizable voice of a little girl singing as she walked passed our table. I stopped in the middle of the conversation and asked the little girl what she was singing.

She simply replied with, "Silent Night."

Even after the fact,with Christmas having passed, her heart was ceaselessly singing tunes of our Saviour's birth. What peace it brought to my soul to know that Christmas still lives on in the innocence of a child's life.

When May comes around the corner, will I still have the joy of His birth in my heart? Will I remember baby Jesus in the manger? Will I know that Christmas isn't just to be celebrated one day of the year, but every day? Will there be songs of tidings and praise sung wherever I go, as this child was singing?

I do know this, I will "sleep in heavenly peace," because "God promises to love me all day, sing songs all through the night! My life is God's prayer." Psalm 42:8 (the Message)

Contributed by Charissa Romero
Thankyou Chad. - your description led me to read all of 1 John. I believe i am to
love simply and not overcomplicate things.

To Love Like God Has Loved Us
To touch upon His Grace
To Live Like Jesus did

feels like a chasm my friend.

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