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:love: Hi again, I write poems,and when I seen you had a listing for poems I just had to share one with you and if you like it, I'll share some more. This one is called heaven. :thumbs_up


I dreamed I went to heaven, oh what a beautiful sight
a rainbow of flowers, of every color, and a man who was surrounded by light
the ray of light was so warm, it touched me down in my heart
it filled me with so much love and peace, I had to bow my head, and kneel at this mans feet

It was a love that I had know and felt all during my life on this earth
it was a love that I had known that was with me, even before my birth
how do I know this I cannot say,I can't explain the love I can feel
but I know that I know, from this man, my fate is eternally sealed

Who is this man, and why do I love him so, I know him as Jesus, my savior and my life
he saved me and changed me and he is the whole worlds supreme sacrifice

:love: :love: :love: :love:

Written by me:sleep: 5-13-94 :note: enjoy and be blessed
i really really really.......liked it..
thanks for sharing....
hope to read another one of ur poems soon
god bless
that was great! keep on writing and collect al your writings and you can maby publish it one day!
have a cool day vlooi