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Heaven was so beautiful

The other night i had a very strange dream, i dreamt that i was walking down a corridor behind a man that i perceived to be Jesus. As i walked behind HIm it dawned on me that the rapture had come and that i was going for some sort of judgement.
As i was walking all i remember thinking is have i made it i really hope i've made or else why would i be here. As i walked we came to a stair case and when i looked down it was the most beautiful sight i had ever seen. It was heaven.
I looked down at my clothes and i had on a long robe with a long coat over it the colour of it was every colour you could ever imagen and more that i had never seen before the colours were immaculate.
As i walked down the stair case i realised that this was it i had made it the rapture had come and i was home but as i looked around me i couldn't see anyone i knew. I looked for certain people who were close to me and they were not there i was so upset but then i thought to myself if they don't make it now they've got to make it at the end.

I spent what seemed like a couple of days in heaven doing all different activities and getting to know people but the time that was in heaven in those couple of days were different from the earths which had been many years. I walked back over to the stair case where i came in and saw people coming down them which made me realise that the end of the world had come and the final judgement was taking place.
I watched as many people came down the stairs into heaven and i also watched as many people were turned away and sent to hell. At one point there was a pastor who really believed he had made it and tried to come into heaven but was turned away by the angels, all i could think was but hes a pastor, that made no difference he was lead away and wasn't allowed in.

As i stood at the stair case i looked for my loved ones who were left behind hoping that they would come in. As i stood there i decided to try and go find them and ran up the stairs along the corridor to find them sat on chairs along with many other people waiting for their judgement. I ran upto them and said "please repent so that you can get in please repent you need to get in, if you don't your not going to make it".
After that i ran off back down the stairs over to the man i followed in and asked him "if people i know don't make it in will i still remember them?" he turned round to me and said "yes you will but it wont affect you like it did when you were on earth because you'll know why they never made it".

I went back to the stair case and waited but slowly the cue disappeared and the people i was waiting for never came down. It really made me upset because i knew they were going to suffer an eternity in hell but when i turned round to walk off joy like i have never experienced before gripped me and i was so happy i had made it in.

At this point i woke up and for the rest of the day it troubled me to the point i had to call my pastor and speak with her about it she encouraged me to tell the people who were in it so i did.
I pray that this will help you all to pray for those that are lost so that they get saved and also that we our selves are not let behind.

May GBU all in Jesus name x x x :love:
that is a very interesting dream very comforting in some ways and not in others. Your dream helps to show that we need to let all know. Joyfully ~ Jlu
Thank you for sharing your dream with us. . .it will speak differently to everyone I believe. . .but it will speak :love:
Thank you for not keepin it to yourself :love: