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One of the churches in our town has invitet a man who use to have this big crusades in Africa. A lot of people use to get healed in his meetings.

I have heard of a lot of people getting healde here in Norway too. But I would like to see a lot of miracles.

When I was younger I was healed from an allergic reaction eating oranges. I never had problems after that.

But I was young and trusted God in a childish way. Is that who we are going to trust him, healing people, like a child who are sure that the father cares.

HE has told us so- he cares.

Yes, surely God heals and there is nothing impossible for Him. Surely we can go to Him with our genuine needs and ask Him to help us just like a child asks its father. Only thing is, after seeing healing meetings, I think we should also be quite sure that God knows all things and is over all things, and for reasons only He knows, may not always answer in the way we have been pleading.

God bless you
We are truly trusting God when we can sincerely pray as Jesus prayed, saying, "Father, if You are willing to take this cup away from Me-nevertheless, not My will, _but_ Yours be done."

The Psalmist David says, "It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn Thy statutes"; and again, "Before I was afflicted, I went astray; but now have I kept Thy Word." (Psa. 119:67, 71.)

Job says: "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord!" (Job 1:21.) "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him." (Job 13:15.)

To know Him, is to trust Him.
I believe in healing and I believe in the laying of hands. Not to long back maybe 3 yrs ago I had a bleeding disorder much like the woman in the bible with the issue of blood . I had been back and forth with the drs, they had me on all kinds of medicines and I only grew weaker from so much blood loss. I was bed ridden for a few months from this . They did dnc surgery and still It didnt do the trick . they even put me on birth contrl to try to trick my body into thinking it was pregnant to throw my system off to see if this would help but I still continued to bleed heavy I became neemic from it and loss some hair . I was so scared from the symtoms but I refused to except it I stood on the promises and claimed my healing . every Dr. Visit I told them I believd in Gods report and I am no believing theirs. I almost died one night from hemeraging and They hospitalized me and did an emergency dnc and decided I needed to get a hystorectomy to stop this . I went to my church continueously in Faith believing I would be healed . My pastors and church family walked through this time with me. we werent going to except anything less but a healing. I went to my dr who would do the surgery and she did an ultra sound on my womb inside they found a tumor rather large and my uterus was inlarged so the sceduled me for the hystorectomy I told my pastor and his wife what the Dr had found hey laid hands on me again. I went on through the surgery which was only to be an hour long but in my case it took almost 4 hrs when the dr came out my Pastor his wife my husband and my mother were there the Dr showed them pictures and explained how much scare tissue I had but my husband asked what about the tumor? the Dr looked at them puzzled and said you know that was the strangest thing we seen it on the ultra sound but when we went in it was not there. We dont know where it went . she left them with the pictures and they told me what she told them I didnt doubt but I had to ask for my self lol I started praising the Lord for I knew it was him! The dr told me they sent it off at the lab and nothing abnormal was found. So I was healed I didnt need any of the parts they took because I got 5 kids but to me it was all him he healed me. He delivered me from that illness. I have witnessed his healing power in my life quite often and I will never doubt because all things are possible with him. He created us from the dirt he knows our structure. I Dont understand sometimes when we pray for healing someone and we dont see a manifestation but I do believe in my spirit that those we pray for are healed maybe we dont see it with our own eyes but I do believe they are . maybe we dont see them with spiritual eyes but I can say this the word says what ever we ask in his name it will be done so to me thats enough! I believe in him and his word! well I love you all God bless you!