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Healing for today

I myself have personally seen a man I knew for several years, stand up and get up out of a wheel-chair. But it seems some don't believe in these things anymore.
The reason why we don't see these kinds of things very much is because.....

Mat 13:58 And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.
An old story.. it's not mine, it's been floating around in churches and on the internet for a while. Even Billy Graham used it once.

A man had fixed a tight-rope wire between two tall buildings.
He started walking across the wire, and a small crowd was starting to form beneath him. After he had done this two or three times, he yelled down to the crowd...
"How many of you think I can walk across while juggling some balls". Most of the crowd was skeptical, but a few yelled back.. "You can do it".
So, he grabs some balls, and starts juggling them, and sure enough... he makes it across the wire.
He yells back down at the crowd... "How many think I can ride a bicycle across?" More and more people were gathering below, the crowd was getting larger.
The crowd yells back.. "You can do it, you can do it".
So sure enough he rides a bicycle across. By now the crowd is quite large. He yells down "How many think I can push a wheel-barrow across, with someone in it".
Hundreds of people below are shouting "Yes, you can do it, we believe you can do it".
Then he asks... "OK, who wants to get into the wheel-barrow?".

It's much the same with God... yes God we believe you can do it... Just don't ask me to be the one you use.
Meshach, Shadrach and Abednigo believe God could protect them. David believed he could defeat Goliath. Noah believed a flood was coming. Peter believed he could walk on water.
Where is that faith today? Is it in your church? Is it in you?

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