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I couldnt find the praise report section so I will post it here.

as some of you know Ive had some problems with my spine. for last last 7 few months.

well... like I ve read someone elses post awhile back. God does heal!

I used to have problems sitting for too long, standing ect. I have had no back pain in the last 2 months.absolutly none. I wake up with no pain. I can stand for long periods of time. sit.... ect! Praise God! He is so good.

He has shown me that He had allowed that for a purpose. that was His way of getting my attention. and I am so thankful that He allowed that to happen because I have never been this close with Christ. he has shown me so much the last 2 months. He is an aamazing God. He is a God of faitthfullness and love. He can and will heal !! His ways are not our ways. We need to let his will be done in us!
Glory to God!!
Praise God for and with you Jess !! :love: You have always been a light to all here . Even in your darkest hours . GBU .. Mike
I praise the Lord with you for the manifestation of your healing. Praise God! He is awesome! He heals because of His love and compassion towards us and because He's a God who honors His covenant. Glory!

Be blessed. Love in Jesus, Jonathan.