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He set me free

I have waited for so long to feel this way,
The many nights I sat as my soul cried out to you.
Tired and alone I lay,
To be set free once more.

I remembered what it was like before I went astray,
To be your child and be the apple of your eye.
So I begged and begged to come back to that place,
Where your grace and love showered me once more.

Tired I was, of crying and feeling defeated,
The enemy kept on pushing and pushing.
When I thought I could not take anymore,
You heard my last cry and touched my soul.

Restored and healed I was from that one touch,
Renewed and refreshed I felt from that one look.
A look from the deepest love ever know,
From eyes so pure and full of grace.

If I never cried that last cry I wouldn’t have know,
How good it is to be seen by such pure eyes.
You saw my heart and felt my pain,
But you knew through my pain I had so much more to gain.

They say before you see the light you must go through darkness,
To know the difference between joy and pain you must experience both.
Like gold must go through the fire to be refined,
I have to go through trials and tribulations to shine brightly.

A thief does not break into an empty house,
So for the enemy to trouble me I must have potential.
Therefore I will look at my troubles as encouragement,
And look to you for the strength to carry on.

I put you before everything for you are my all,
You are who my soul cries out to and what my heart yearns for.
A living sacrifice I will try to be,
For you are the one who set me free.

By Gamu
In August, 1983, I was set free. Thirty years of drinking, broken relationships, thousands of wasted dollars - I could go on and on. God stepped in about a month after I got saved and dropped the hammer on my alcoholism

The result? Relationships being healed and financial healing. But, most important of all is the relationship I have with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the Christian friends He has given me. What an awesome blessing!

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