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He knows best

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Would a father keep any good thing from his child? Would a father see danger and not tell his child? Fathers in the flesh want good things for their children, but they are not God. God is love and he is a father- his love is for ever, amen. Now why do some of us not obey God, and stay away form things he told us too. The Holy Spirit spoke to me lately, he said "everything that God ask us to do and stay way form is for man's good." Down to tithing: for God does not need our money-that belongs to him anyway. If we obey we can go straight ahead not moving to the right of the left.

See 2 Chronicles 8:11 King Solomon knew the danger of taking strange women to wife but: And Solomon brought up the daughter of Pharaoh out of the city of David unto the house that he had built for her: for he said, My wife shall not dwell in the house of David King of Israel, because the places are holy wherunto the ark of the Lord hath come.
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