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He is only one call away

If you listen, God is there, in the large things and in the small things. Just take a moment, stop, and listen.
This is just one short testimony for today's events. It isn't a huge awe-inspiring story, but a small quiet one.

I was praying for help with a large decision I was going to have to make, and for help with making it. It was part of my lunch break, so it was just a short 10min prayer with me leaning back in a rocking chair in the sun with my eyes closed. At the end I had peace in my heart and an answer that God would look after it for me.
I was singing some little made up nonsense rhyming song asking God to keep me on the path He wanted me to follow, opening and closing doors as He saw fit.
As I got into my car, the song "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth was playing - not a Christian song, but if you imagine God singing it, it is a great relaxing and peaceful song for the quieter moments.
I grabbed mail from the mail box on the way back to work. Against all odds, I had a letter from my sponsored child in Ghana (mail is slow I only get a letter about 2-4 times year). In her letter, was the verse from Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."

A small and quiet assurance that God is there for us, for the smallest of things; indeed, He is only one call away.
Loved this!

"If you listen..." but listening requires us to be quiet...how we hate to be quiet

How often I have to remind myself to be still...and wait.
How true that is. As Jesus reminded me just last night, just stop and listen to me.

How many times I prayed for this shoulder of mine to be healed, last night He told me to read a certain book and in was a few very important points. With those points in mind, I was able to pray for healing and it was granted.
We may grow old, but we never stop learning.