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Have A Happy Heart

"Have a Happy Heart" by Joyce Meyer

"Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord." (Eph 5 v 19).

It is important what kind of "self talk" I do, as well as how I talk to other people. It is easy to fall into the trap of talking about negative things, the problems of life, all of our disappointments and so on. But none of that helps us to "ever be filled" with the Spirit. Why not? Because the Holy Spirit is not negative in any way. His silence during such times is our signal that He is not pleased with our conversation.

When I feel the Holy Spirit being stirred up in me, I know He is pleased; when I feel him receding, I consider that He may not be pleased. The Holy Spirit is very fond of "right" music - music that is encouraging, uplifting, positive and joy-filled - music that has a good message. The last part of the verse says "making melody in our heart to the Lord." That literally means that we are to go through the day with a song in our heart. We can do that without spending the day singing loudly.

When I have a happy heart I find myself whistling, humming or quietly singing throughout the day. A song can make an otherwise unpleasant task pleasant. It can lighten our load in life and brighten the darkest day. In fact, it is also spiritual warfare.
Satan is opposed to joy and will do all in his power to prevent us from having it. According to Nehemiah 8v10 “Do not sorrow for the joy of the Lord is our strength.” Satan wants us weak, but music stirs up our joy and therefore our strength. The more we sing and make melody in our heart, the better off we are. The Bible is filled with powerful scriptures that make reference to music, especially praise and worship. Repeatedly the scriptures say to "sing unto the Lord a new song."

Some people have been singing the same old song all their life. They need a new song, a happy song. A new song can be one nobody has ever heard, one that rises up out of the heart because of admiration for the Lord.
Listen to music. Learn songs by listening and then open your mouth and sing. You may not be a great singer, but Psalm 98 v 4 encourages us to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord." That is one of the best ways to stir up the flame of the Holy Spirit within you.
Thank you sunshine for sharing :love: im happy happy happy *bounce - bounce - bounce* hehe :love: God bless your day :love:

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