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Has the internet any effect on christian ministries and products?

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Living in a generation that perpetuates the advancement of science, technology and innovation, I wonder how effective the internet and other technological devices available to us are fully utilised by christians. A few narrow minded individuals have the notion that the internet is one of the devices used by the devil and for the devil, but my philosophy is that what we have at hand a very powerfull tool that can usher in the kingdom of our God and his Christ into the very homes of people. My belief is that as christians we have the very tools that can be utilised and harnessed into converting souls and spreading the word of God into a generation that needs God.

What are your views?
Hi faithwellpixel,

There are many sites out there for Christians to use, but here you will find one that speaks only the Truth, the Word of God. Here many are helped, Christians encourage each other in their walk and non-believers find God. All praise, honour and glory to God.

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Hi, brother!
Welcome to TJ. And I agree with you over internet. Yes it is a great tool of spreading info, therefore I think that good people should use it effectively to promote its good use over the evil use of internet so that people can find truth easily on this big source of day to day knowledge and information.
take care and God bless!