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Happy New Year. :D ATTN: Christians. Please Read This.

God commanded me to share this with every Christian I knew, so I decided to post this in several places. Take note however, that I did not write this, and my sister in Christ, Chette, did. I pray that you will read this with an open heart.

I was about to write a topic on resolutions and reconciliation... but God put it in my heart to share this one instead. It's for the Christians... (Myself included)

One of the philosophers in this world once said, "I love Jesus but I hate the Christians, that is why I am not going to be one of them."

It's sad when one person talks like this... It's sad to hear that there are Christians who hurt other people and I know a lot of atheists living in "righteousness" (worldly) than Christians. I know a Christian who already fooled many people to get some money and he was a pastor before.

Even when I became a born again Christian, Philip and I... was rejected by two Born again churches before God lead us to Jesus is Lord church. Even online... I have experienced persecution from other Christians.

Maybe that's the reason why people don't want to become a Christian... because other Christians have broken testimonies. It's not just because THEY (Christians) can be annoying once they share the Gospel... it's because of their testimonies.

"How can I become a Christian when all I can see in you is full of complaints, anger and hatred?"

An online prostitute (like me before) once asked me for help... and when I said.. "Why don't you go to church? They'll help you there" and you know what she said? She said, "CHURCH?! Why would I ever go there? I was already feeling terrible about myself. They just make me feel worse!"

It's sad isn't it? Some people are having a hard time to go to Jesus not because of the words spoken by Christians but because of the WORKS/ATTITUDES of a Christian.

I am not exempted in this thing. I too was hurt and I did hurt some Christians in the past because I have ignored the word "Grace". Thanks to a brother in Christ who rebuked me hehe ^_^;;

Well yes. We can reason out that we are not perfect. But you know that one can achieve perfection? Yes it is impossible in the eyes of the a human. But nothing is impossible with God.

What was the key of this "perfection" I am talking about? Let's talk about Jesus.

Jesus is the perfect (the only perfect) character in the Bible. Not just because He is the Son of God... (Remember that He also became a Son of man) But because of His character... His SUBMISSION.

Many in the Bible (even prophets and Apostles) who were working for God made a mistake. David, Solomon, Moses, Noah, Abraham etc... there were "mistakes" too in their life. If you really want to know their mistakes, read them in the Bible and you'll find the cause of the root of their mistakes is when they "depend on themselves or they have chosen their freewill".

David is a friend of God. He is a Man after God's heart. He is very submissive to God, and God is pleased with Him. But one day... he chose his will instead of God... and what happened? He committed a sin.

Maybe you're thinking now that Chette has gone off the topic? Nope. I am still here. Now what is my point about this?

There is more than the word "SUBMISSION" my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. When we say Submission... We become CHRIST-LIKE.

When we say "CHRIST-LIKE"... it means we have GRACE, LOVE, JOY, HUMILITY, PATIENCE, GENEROUS, HOLY etc...
and if we have LOVE, HUMILITY, GRACE.. then there is also COMPASSION TO SHARE JESUS.

As a Christian, we should check ourselves if our Testimony is good or bad. As what I always tell to my brethrens in Christ online and offline... The Bible of the unbelievers are the Christians. Since they don't want to read the Bible... then they look at the Christians and their Lives.

So we as Christians, should always have a good testimony to everyone. Again... BE CHRIST-LIKE. Be CHRIST-CENTERED.

Some few steps to have a Good testimony to others.
1. Share Jesus with Love to others. Have a compassion to seek who are lost.
2. Help others who needed help. Do it for God not for yourself. Be a cheerful Giver and helper
3. Do not complain on your ministry. This is for God.
4. Avoid "cursed/bad words" The tongue is a deadly weapon and can destroy your soul.
5. Explain to people the difference of Judging and Rebuking. Many people tends to think you are judging them but the truth is that you rebuke them. Also do it in a mild tone.
6. Avoid Debates or arguments. Sharing is good but once you feel it's starting to become debate. Stop and be humble. restrain yourself. It's not the matter of winning you know?
7. When you are rebuke by your brothers and Sisters, accept it openly. They care for you and God is using them for you to discipline you... have a teachable heart
8. When someone ask you to pray for them, pray for them. Don't say, "I am too tired" Remember this is for God.
9. Don't boast around because you are a Christian and acts as superior than everyone. Show them you can be reach and show them Humility.
10. Don't be jealous of your other brethrens. Be happy if God has answered their prayers.
11. Encourage brethrens, don't discourage them.
12. Don't compromise with the World.

Happy New Year :D Hope that article blessed you guys as it did for me.
I appreciate this post very much. It is true. Many christians have learned how to talk the talk, but when you get to know them, they do not walk the walk. That is very evident to non-christians, and they will definitely notice if the talk doesn't match the walk. As the saying goes, "You may be the only bible someone else ever reads."

I am glad, Hakkiri that you and your friend have not lost their fire. That fire comes from Christ, because it's important to Him that we reach out to the lost and show them the way to be saved and walk with Him. It is not all about following laws and rules and fitting into a mode that denominations have written out for us. It is about Jesus, our Lord, our Master, our Savior and Redeemer.

Thanks again. And Happy New Year!

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