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Happy Labor Day

When you eat the labor of your hands,
You shall be happy, and it shall be well
with you.
( Psalms 128:2 *NKJV )

As we enjoy a day of rest from our busy schedules today, it gives
us time to reflect on and enjoy the things that surround us. A time
to think about the many "Daily Blessing" that surround us each day.
So on this Labor Day I have selected a Poem that states it best.
I hope that you will enjoy it.

Daily Blessings

There are hummers in the hollyhocks
Beside the apple tree,
And a cardinal and his mate
Are serenading me.

The bee balm's aflame with blossoms
It's quite a sight to see,
For everywhere I look now
Are butterflies and bees.

The squash is ripe for picking;
It seems to grow so fast.
And blackberries on the fence there
Are larger than the past.

My tomato vines are bending
With the burden of their fruit,
And soon we'll be enjoying
The bounty of their loot.

A gentle rain's now falling
In the twilight's purple glow,
Just another daily blessing
That sets my heart aglow.
Poet: Clay Harrison
All My Love & Prayers,
Pastor Allen

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