Happy Birthday Talk Jesus! 6 Years Strong!

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Happy Birthday Talk Jesus! 6 Years Strong!

I'm proud to announce that Talk Jesus Forums is 6 years old, as of yesterday February 9th, 2010!


I thank GOD for what He has done here over the last 6 years to bless His children, reach out to the lost and heal the sick, lonely, depressed. Jesus Christ has been glorified many times in many ways, and I pray this continues on.

I also would like to express gratitude and thanks to all moderators, present and past who have been a blessing as a team and body of Christ in assisting me to run this ministry. You're all a tremendous blessing!

And not forgotten, thank you to all the members here who have been part of this family, this ministry. Thank you for spreading the Word and the word about this ministry as well.

Thank you my wife, Gabriela for some fine ideas for Talk Jesus as well! They will soon be implemented.

Yours Truly in Christ,
Chad - Administrator
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WOW! I remember when you first contacted me about the website, you were just starting out...

6 years and 14,300 members later...this site ROCKS!

Good job Chad....(and mods) :shade:

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Happy 6th!

A well deserved birthday notice!

There is nothing close to TJ on the internet!

TJ, a place where you can recieve unconditional love, no matter what you may have done!
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Thanks!! Nothing like a well lighted very narrow road!! psalm 119:105 To Chad and the entire staff at Talk Jesus,may all the good seeds you have planted here remain,till we really get home!
It has been such a joy to 'talkjesus'

Lets go on.....lets go on..talking about this good old way
Lets go on...lets go on.. talking about the Lord.
I feel so much better...talking about this good old way
I feel so much better....talking about the Lord.
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Happy (belated) birthday, talkjesus!

My Brother, Chad!
Congratulations! Thank you for your committment to a site that continues to refresh the Body everyday in sooo many ways!

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wow - 6 years is a long time :smile: - Hapy Birthday

Let's hope that there will be many more years. It would be good for many christians all over the world. For me it's always an enrichment to visit TJ. I don't often visit the forum, but in the chatroom there are many christians I can learn from (and not only speaking English better :wink: ). It's good to have a place to talk and pray together. It's good to have a place with people loving God, helping others and knowing what to do when beeing away from the father.

Thank you, TJ!
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WOW!!!! 6 years EH!!!! how cool is that.

So many good people here, the fellowship and witnessing, such a wonderful family in Christ. 6 years young may there be many more.
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Chad & Staff, Thanks for all the hard work and love it took to keep Talk Jesus up for 6 years.. Im sure there have been times, You wanted to walk out the door and keep walking..But the love of God and the love of so many people who needs a place like T.J ..Gave you the Strength, Courage and Wisdom....Thanks!!!

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