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Halo or crown

Are the crowns we will be given in heaven the same thing as haloes? I cant find any reference to haloes in my bible but plenty about crowns of gold in revelation and ofher parts of the NT.
As you say... halos aren't in the Bible.
To me the difference is... halo's are given by people... for who they "think" is holy.
The Roman Catholic church has many paintings of people with halos. They decide who gets a halo or not.

Jesus decides which of us will get crowns in heaven. Jesus gives the crowns.
I thought it was angels that have haloes.

I did study art history at school and many european paintings and sculptures were depicting stories from the bible, but would insert their owners into the pictures, because they were comissioned by wealthy romans/italians.

My teacher never explained the biblical stories though to him it was just a picture. I wasnt a believer then but funny how people look at them as just art and think nothing of it. There so many of the crucifixtion but Jesus doesnt look jewish he looks italian. The statue of David is supposedly David in the bible except he's a naked giant who also looks italian. The last supper is depicted as happening somewhere in italy, as is Jesus baptism, and he is pasty white. Mary doesnt look anything like the young jewish virgin she looks like s rich italian matron.

The teacher would go in about perspective and how in the renaissance they believed 'man is the measure of all things' but then never explained why so many painted scenes from the bible.

Michelangelo, piero della francesca, ghiberti. Da vinci ,I remember these artists we studied. I think they took a lot of liberties with the scipture, and they assumed people were illiterate and couldnt read the Bible.
The halo is "religious iconography." When I think of a halo, I think of pictures of angels in children's books or as being over angels or people in certain works of art or seasonal sculptures. Definitely not scriptural.
Isnr a halo just like a crown though. It circles the head and its gold.

Jesus wore a crown of thorns. At his transfiguration its said his face did shine as the sun, so maybe its just the reflection of God's glory?
Isnr a halo just like a crown though. It circles the head and its gold.
Yes, it does look like it is.

I figured I'd look up the definition because I wasn't sure, and what I found fascinated me. It looks like ''halo'' is one of those words whose meaning has changed quite a bit over time.

I used ''Dictionary.com" because it's what I have on my phone, and its definitions of "halo" are

noun, plural halos, haloes.

1.Also called nimbus. a geometric shape, usually in the form of a disk, circle, ring, or rayed structure, traditionally representing a radiant light around or above the head of a divine or sacred personage, an ancient or medieval monarch, etc.

2.an atmosphere or quality of glory, majesty, sanctity, or the like: the halo around Shakespeare's works; She put a halo around her son.

3.Meteorology. any of a variety of bright circles or arcs centered on the sun or moon, caused by the refraction or reflection of light by ice crystals suspended in the earth's atmosphere and exhibiting prismatic coloration ranging from red inside to blue outside (distinguished from corona ).

4.Astronomy. a spherical cloud of gas clusters and stars that form part of a spiral galaxy.

5.an undesirable bright or dark ring surrounding an image on the fluorescent screen of a television tube, due to some fault either in transmission or reception.

So nowadays, it does seem like the ''religious iconography" meaning is the predominant one.

But look at this: from Websters 1828 dictionary: the meanings of the words in Websters 1828 are consistent across the board with the way the words are used in the KJV.

HA'LO, noun A circle appearing round the body of the sun, moon or stars, called also Corona, or crown. Halos are sometimes white and sometimes colored. Sometimes one only appears, and sometimes several concentric circles appear at the same time.

So while the word ''halo'' doesn't appear in the Bible, that's the way the KJV would use the word if it was! By that definition, sister, it looks like a halo can indeed be called a crown, with the difference being whether it appears around a person's head, or around the sun, moon or stars.

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