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Hallelujah....Royal Wedding Bishop....preached Jesus and His love

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Fragrant Grace, May 20, 2018.

  1. Praise the Lord for this sermon that has reached the world.
    May hearts be turned and sould saved

    There is a Balm in Gilead!

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  2. I saw that. The occasion allowed it that's for sure being free speech and freedom of religion is no longer a thing in GB.
  3. I wonder why you say that? The message of the good news of Jesus Christ is preached freely in Great Britain.
  4. That is good to hear @Hekuran
    Praise the Lord!

    I do hear from my mum, who lives in Northampton in GB, that the muslim religion is seeping in more and taking over.....that more mosques are being built and "Christian" chuches closed down?
  5. Yes, mosques are being built, and church attendance – cultural Christianity – is in decline. Though there are plenty of areas of growth in the church to be thankful for.

    That's different to freedom of speech and freedom of religion being curbed. Muslims, Christians, people of any faith and no faith are free to believe and to profess as they choose.
  6. Ann Widdecombe is right: Christianity in Britain today is under severe persecution
    UPDATED: 14:01 BST, 21 October 2011

    'Persecuted' British Christians need to 'grow up', says former Archbishop Rowan Williams
    Christians complaining of persecution in Britain need to "grow up", the former Archbishop of Canterbury has said, as he argues feeling "mildly uncomfortable" is not comparable to real suffering elsewhere.
    By Hannah Furness
    11:57AM BST 15 Aug 2013

    UK Christian persecution set to rise in 2018
    Created on: 22nd March 2018

    Christian Persecution UK


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