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Halleluah What A Savior!

I wanted to write and let the world of believers know
I am now recommitted to the ONE who loves me so!
I was looking at others inorder to see
What it really meant to live and truly be free.
I started by looking right here on this site...
searching for something in which I could bite.
Gloria and White pointed me back to the one...
They told me I would have to talk to the Son.
They prayed and I cried, though the devil fought me so
But my heart knew the way, so I decided to go...
I fell on my knees ready to burst
Saying I was sorry was what I said first.
I wanted God to know that in his will is where I longed to be
That He could love, trust and depend on me!
I used to be on fire, in love with only Him
but years and years past and my love began to dim.
Halleluah what a savior....do you know he took me back.
He told me to give it ALL to him....He'd pick up my slack.
Together we are going through and examing my life...
He is ridding me of years of lots of pain and strife.
I cannot believe it has taken me this long...
I feel like God has given me a brand new song...
So here's to our lives, my life in our LORD
Let us daily pray and study His Word..
God Bless you All!
Awesome! Now you can walk with God daily and feed on his word as well as apply it to your life! God is really awesome Father to us all and I am so happy you found your way back to him! God bless you

I am so so delighted. It was lovely to chat with you, now we can rejoice together. This is just the best news. I wish you could see me here, there's not only rejoicing in heaven, there's rejoicing here in Northern Ireland!!! Makes what I've been through this past 24 hours pale into insignificance.
Oh Praise the Lord. Thank you Father. Our God is indeed an AWESOME God.

Glory to God... YAY!!! glad to see that you got help form this site... must mean that were all doign out part's then.. and Prayer for you... thats AWESOEM... well done on fightign off the Enemy.. proud of you... good on ya and keep on lovign God and serving him in all that you do

Love Simon!!!
man that just MOVED me...

thanx 4 sharing, an its awesum ur bak!!!

love ya precious!!
So glad, thank you Jesus

4h1sGl0ry, I am so glad you made a good decision! Praise God that you are safely back in his arms.

He loves us and he loves us and he never stops loving us no matter where we are on this planet, no matter when the last time was that we spoke ti him, he knows exactly where we are and what we need.

I am so glad he led you here and that you spoke to the right people who showed you the Father.

I am so very happy that you are here! :love:
Staff Member
God bless you sister :) Glad to see you back in the family of GOD's

Thank you for posting this beautiful poem. As you can see you have touched our hearts as GOD touched yours. Praise Jesus for His gift of salvation!

The poetry was really beautiful, sincere and moving.