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Had a dream about my ex best friend being possessed

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So I have this best friend, can't quiet say we are that close now, about 1 1/2 year ago she started lying to me about everything and she just became a totally different person, and for the things she did to me I can say I had hatred in my heart towards her but slowly I'm beginning to pray about it and I do not have the hatred towards her anymore I've also decided to forgive her, we still aren't close, have not really talked other than me saying I have forgiven her or have seen each other but I have forgiven her just don't think we would hangout anymore. Anyways last night I had this terrible nightmare, it was me sleeping over her house we were in a full sized bed she was already asleep and I was up texting my friend, my mom suddenly walks in and says why is Michelle (my friend that I have forgiven) texting me at this hour of the night, I looked over and said she's sleeping she is not texting you. My mother than says yes she is texting me about getting school supplies. Then all of a sudden she bursts out sort like sleeping talking saying something about school supplies but it wasn't her voice it sounded like an African American woman in her 40's sounding as if she was from Louisiana, then my mother and I look over at her and she starts repeating something strange either a different language (sounding like creole) or maybe even speaking backwards she was repeating it over and over in that same strange voice, she then turns over and starts trying to eat mine and my mothers hand, we try to say in the name of Jesus but the sound wouldn't come out as if we could not say that being around her, next thing I knew I woke and I was already saying in the name of Jesus out loud. Very scary very surreal but I knew I was dreaming. I just have a bad feeling like something is wrong with her as though she was possessed in my dream. Her and her mother have not attended church I would say in maybe 2-3 years, when we all used to attend the same church we never missed a Sunday. But my family and I have changed churches. I would really like some prayer for her and her family, thank you so much!
Prayed for her and her family. She may have opened her life to an evil spirit, and now plays the role of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Continue to pray for her, and forgive her, but... do not forget, what she has done. Protect yourself and your family from her.
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I would really like some prayer for her and her family, thank you so much!
Can and will pray for Michelle...

You pray too!
Write this down and put it somewhere where you get to see it lots

Bless you ....><>
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Praying for Michelle & her mom for guidance and help. Praying, for comfort, coverage, peace for you and your family.

Jesus, I do not deserve Your love or mercy, but I praise and thank You for them both! Thank You for hearing us when we call to You in behalf of both these families. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Hi emm12
I think your experiencing these things because your forgiveness has triggered something.
The best thing you can do for her is to remember who she really is and resist any temptation to see her
as affected by time.Just keep thanking God for her as she "is in Christ" and not what she seems to have become.

God who began the good work in her is faithful to complete that work in her.
And you are proof that God has followed her into any situation.
God made sure she had a friend who would stand in the gap for her.
A friend who would remember who she is.

I will join the rest here standing with you on her behalf.
I ask for light to shine on the situation and for you to receive the peace of God and wisdom.

Thank you for caring enough to not give up and for not judging her by her actions,but reminding everyone who she really is.
Also joining in prayer here for your "ex-friend". Maybe you asking for prayer for her indicates that you are still her very good friend.