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Gulf States/Katrina victims

I just wanted to put this out there,

We need to continue our prayers for those in the Gulf States ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. I just got a Prayer request from the Church, and they told me a member and a couple Pastors who went to Alabama, are reporting the destruction and problems are allot worse than is being reported by the media. The media has shown and reported allot of devastation and concerns over the situation down there and if it is worse than that, we really need to lift them up in the name of the Lord.

Peace be with you,
Your Brother in Christ,
its not over for them

dear god

please still remember the people in america who are still hurting because of the hurricane. They are rescued now and everyone is breathing a sigh but now is when they need your help the most when everyone is thinking the danger is over that is when the danger is worst for some of them.

They have lost everythink god and they must be spinning around in their head. They have nothing and noone some of them and they will feel really down and like they want to give up because they are probably so very tired of it all.

Please help them to hang in there and to think of the new beginning instead of the old past. Please help them to find new people and to be happy for new friendships instead of those they lost. Help them to feel safe again and like they are standing on solid ground instead of shakey ground.

God give them people hope and the strength to really live in it and to trust you.

:girl: :thumbs_up

Lord we pray for ptotection for all those in the path of this hurricane.