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Staff Member
God bless you and greetings to all members!

I have something special to share with you. This should (if all who read CHOOSE to be like our Savior Jesus Christ) help remove tension and grudge.

I noticed lately a grudge between two particular members on this forum. I love you both but I will not tolerate it. Remember this is about Jesus and this is a family friendly site. How would you feel if you were a lost soul seeking Jesus, found this site and happened to fall upon several threads that expresses anger and "grudge" between other members? Does that give a good impression?


What to do? Simple. You two know who you are. Contact each other and resolve this matter as GOD commanded us to such situations. I will not give names nor should *anyone* ask me. I am serious about this and will have no choice but to ban you both. Both of you are great posters, but the grudge is not welcomed. You both have been here for a while, active and post just about daily as I noticed.

You know what the great part about this? I am being 100% honest about the two specific individuals involved. I won't mention the names and here is the great part I am referring to: because none know which two I am referring to, all of you should sit back in solitude for a moment, think about those you have a grudge against and resolve your matters peacefully, humbly Christ like right this moment. Do it sincerely for GOD.

Keep in mind one day you will face Jesus in the eyes. All the things you've done right and wrong, the things you remember and do not remember now - will all come to you in perfect memory. Do you want that embarrassment that you refused to resolve issues with another member of the body of Christ? Have we not already sinned enough against GOD to be shameful yet by His grace forgiven?

Go on and use your freedom as you wish. I hope I have encouraged you to do what Jesus would do (then again Jesus NEVER had a grudge against anyone but only LOVE).
Staff Member
Apparently some love to gossip. You've been caught naked in truth now. Take a look inside your heart and ask GOD to shed more light on your heart than you think you may have. Humble yourself first because clearly your gossip is not doing well with Christ.

This is not necessarily in particular to the "two" but to some others whom I am now utterly disgusted by. Its a shame. I bust myself around the clock to give you what GOD gave to me, this beautiful gift and look how you act.

Stupidity as clear as glass

What will it take to gain peace and Christ like lifestyle on this forum from you "mystery" gossipers? If I ban you, you will register disguised to gossip more like a devil. I've experienced this already with those whom I thought I could trust and love deeply, only to see them create their own policy on the forum of what they ought to do and not to do.

I see what it will take. Stripping your GOD given privelage from this site for good is what it will take. This applies to anyone with "grudge", gossip (you really make me sick to my stomach). Basically, you will do these things and purposely throw away the gift GOD gave you to fellowship on the site. You will more likely do this out of selfishness and pride. Pride yes. You know who you are. I have been accused of "pride" just because of my authority to ban people who cause anything unacceptable and uninvited by GOD's holiness and glory. Those are what I mentioned above.

Reply and express your concerns as you wish.

God bless you
I am grateful and saddened by this post . I am saddened that you as the leader over Gods work , has to have such ungodliness to deal with on a Christian website .

I am grateful that you have the inner strength from the Father , to be bold enough to deal with it !

May the peace of God be in this place . Mike
I dont get most of these posts and thread stuff, I spend most my time in chat, but this was a wake up call for me because I questioned how I speak or dont speak to some people, so many times Im caught up in my own family problems that I asked myself how many people in chat am I rude too, or do I hold a grudge against anyone here, well there would be a few and I want to say sorry to you chad cause your the one in the end that has to make sure things run smoothly, People come and go but your still here, and I know as a newie its not nice coming to a christian chat and feeling unsafe, unloved. just wanted to say your a hand in gods work. I gave my life to jesus, and Im grateful that you are who you are, and for what you do. thanks mate
Psa 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

Glory to God.
Staff Member
The glory of GOD shines through you and the devil is pitiful again! Amen :)

Praise Jesus.

This issue is now resolved and I thank you two for being humble and doing what GOD asked of you. God bless everyone on this beautiful (again) day that GOD has made!

Soldier of God said:
I will step up and say I am one of "two". Now one of many. Chad I am many times to prideful and this ugly demon clings to me. Me and the Lord have taken steps to free this ugliness and be free to live in Christ. I am prideful Jesus is not. When I say Jesus do I mock? I say yes if I fall short of love. This is a truly new day for me, the holy spirit will show me th direction. I make an open ended apology to ALL members of Talk Jesus. I will speak but speak with compassion and willingness to learn. I say to all throw down this nonsence and lets start a new day. All things are made new again. Gossip is the devils lovely harlot, tells him everything and spreads his replys to the world. My thoughts only. God bless and this glorious new day. The change you will see, so you see we will not speak of change. God bless you Chad in all you do for us in the name of Jesus.
Soldier Of God,

What an example of Christ in you. Any who read this can and many should follow this example. God Bless you.

Your Pastor T