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Growth in the Lord for each of us

Any christian will typically admit they they need to grow in the Lord. A long time ago... on a planet far away.... lol. A long time ago while in the USAF stationed in england, I joined a christian organization called the navigators. What they were, aside from rumors, and inuendo, were christians from different faiths, and were encouraged to continue going to church of the the faith of their choice, but to focus on growing in the Lord. Most had baptist background, some brethern, some CoG, and at least a half a dozen more faiths, including roman catholic. There were a few ladies involved with it, but it was mostly guys (it was the military). We were taught how to share our faith, including knocking on doors and asking if they were interested in talking about the Lord. We were encouraged to memorize scripture for sharing the basics of salvation, we had sports events, cookouts, and more so we could have fun together. If you can make something more fun, more ppl will get involved, even if they have little intrest in faith initially. One thing that was encouraged with more mature christians was teaming up, a young christian with an older more experienced one, to share what our goals were to grow in the Lord, to give accountability to another so that someone else who loves the Lord can be basically guilted into sticking with our goals more so LOL.
I saw more christian growth (not just me) from that than I have ever seen in any church I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of them. So here is my challenge to you all.

State what your main goal is in growing in Christ in some area in your life right now, think about it if you have to. By putting it in this area, people can periodically (every 3-6 months for example, I know things can take time) question you on it. Then state what you think you might do to accomplish that goal, and there is no "trying" to do better which is vague and unaccountable. I will do my own first, as an example. Allow others to give you ideas here of how you might accomplish your goal.

1. Of the 3 greatest things (faith, hope, and love), I have faith and hope aplenty (although there is always room for improvement), but I would say my love (which is the greatest of the 3) is average, and for christians, we should be doing better than average. Although I like people, I typically only love those who in turn like or love me. I get tired and frustrated with dealing with problem people far too quickly. There is more than one person on this website, that I get tired of, and thats only here, there are some co-workers (retail) and regular customers that this applies to as well. So I want to grow in my love toward my fellow human being. At least one person here, I put on the hide posts option because they get on my nerves. At work, I avoid certain people because I want to avoid the friction. Thats a cop out to someone trying to grow in love.
2. So I will change my ignore option here to seeing their posts. And I wont walk in a different direction when I see such people at work. Basically I will put myself under duress to see if I can respond more lovingly toward my fellow human beings.

Thats my goal and my thoughts on how to reach that goal. I include asking God to help me in this of course.

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome... well except for that one person here, havent changed it yet, I remember it taking awhile to figure out how to do it to begin with, so I cant respond to that person right now if they respond.
Good goal to have. I utilize ignore on some forums. If I feel my spirit being weighed down by things I put them on ignore, so I won't see specific threads/not drawn to them. I pray for the person/the threads that bother me, and try again at a later date. Sort of like off line boundaries. Some people I do not spend too much time around, because it is better for my mental/spiritual health. I think loving someone is praying for them/forgiving them, and being willing to give second chances .

My goal is spiritual discernment in areas. I have loved ones of different denominations that I greatly admire, but they do not always agree. And politics has really brought out sides of some that have been hard for me. It did with me for a bit also. So just to make right decisions based on wisdom and what God leads me to do, and know when to keep those decisions to myself: what is important to talk about and what is important not to. And to accept when it is important to, then true friends will still be friends.

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