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Group #3

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Thanks, Chad. I had this idea for my church. They already have a prayer chain in the church that my parents are a part of. I was thinking about joining it then I got the idea to start it in my youth group and they could all pray for the teens and stuff. Basically what I'm doing in this group. So. . .yeah. I just hope more teens sign up for this so we can start praying.

Staff member
welcome jesusfreak...its simple..just say you'r in :smile: you're in now...now communicate with your other group warriors often to request a prayer or see what in their life they would like you to pray for
Staff member
Great. 2 more to go before locking the group. Please remember to keep in touch with each other via email or private messaging. Keep active and pray together in Jesus' name. Keep up with the prayer request forums and watch the glory of the Holy Spirit manifest itself in peoples' lives.

God Bless you all.
Active Member
Dreamer these are no longer active TJ groups, tho i`m sure there are still active prayer warriors here, enjoy the fellowship and God bless:smile:

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